Project Name: McCormick Foundation | 205 N Michigan Ave. | 43rd Floor | Chicago, IL

Project Scope: SF | 35 Workstations

“We had already hired an architect and design firm to handle the build out and design details. What we needed was a furniture expert. Consequently we hired Office Space Inc. to represent us; a decision that worked and continues to work perfectly for us.” | Jeff Bowen, Navistar — VP Special Projects


Project Name: Navistar | 2701 Navistar Dr. | Lisle, IL 60532

Project Scope: 1.2M SF | 4300 Workstations | 100 Private Offices | 100 Conference Rooms

Interior Design Firm: Partners by Design

Manufacturers: Teknion | Steelcase | Harter | Izzy | Mobilia

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“The following are a few of the reasons why I selected and continued to work with Dave Buelow and Office Space for nearly two decades as my furniture provider.

1). Experienced Professionals. 2). Team Players. OSI was dedicated in guiding us to the correct furniture selection that fit our culture, environment and price point. 3). Responsive and Available. They were there every step of the process to insure a successful selection, procurement and timely installation. 4). Fun and easy to work with. Always a great plus. 5). Their number one quality is their HIGH LEVEL OF INTEGRITY. They earned our trust over the years by continually delivering and exceeding our expectations.” | Bill Jerpe, Navistar — Director of Facility Services


Project Name: Marshall Associates Inc. | 1131 W. Blackhawk | Chicago, IL 60642

Project Scope: 20000 SF | 40 Workstations | 5 Private Offices | 1 Conference Room

“With offices throughout the Chicago area we had worked with many contract office furniture dealers. All were quick to respond to our project business but when repeat orders became smaller reconfigures very few were as responsive or cost competitive. Office Space has a business model capable of maintaining the same level of service throughout. They have been a loyal vendor and friend for many years. I strongly endorse them! ” | Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company — Connie Sumara